Six (6) Things You Don’t Know About Studying in Abroad

One of the most common countries to study abroad is the United Kingdom. This is because studying in the UK has several developmental benefits.

The United Kingdom has one of the largest population of international students in the world and is home to millions of people of diverse cultures.

The UK offers a wide range of opportunities for young individuals and can boost chances of personal and career development in Science, Humanities and the Arts, Finance, Technology and much more.

If you are planning on bettering your chances at career development, a step towards the right direction will be to study courses that greatly improve or compound your knowledge on a more concrete and professional level.

Currently, there is already a large pool of individuals studying in the UK which has informed its title as a popular study destination.

There are also several scholars looking to study in the UK with limited and incorrect information.

So, if you are looking to study abroad in the UK, here are a few things you probably didn’t know;

1] There are Several Scholarships Available for International Students
The scholarship options are endless.

Compared to most study abroad destinations, international students are privy to a lot of scholarship options in the UK such as the Commonwealth Masters scholarships, the Chevening Scholarship and many more.

The Chevening Scholarship program is a government scholarship program designed to award outstanding students from eligible countries, usually for a one-year master’s degree.

In truth, you can get awarded a scholarship before gaining admission!

2] Studying in the UK is Possible Without Writing GRE, Surprised? Yes
The UK does not make it mandatory to have a GRE certificate/result as a prerequisite for admission.

Unlike other institutions where there is a long list of preliminaries, the UK graduate admissions usually require an undergraduate degree with good grades as the minimum academic requirement.

3] The Weather is Fickle
Although the UK is home to several tourist destinations, the weather is always amazing.

Be thankful if you get a good day to see the sights. The climate is unpredictable, and a full day of sun is a miracle.

It especially likes to rain at any time. Be prepared. An outside coat is always a good idea.

4] Living Expenses Are High
You probably knew that it costs a lot of money to study in the UK.

The figure you have in your head? Double it.

Yes, it costs a huge amount of money to study in the UK. Aside your tuition, here are a few things to consider when planning a budget.

Just a few things.

5] Have Some Cash
As you are transitioning into a new country, your local currency will do you no good.

Make sure you have some cash available (Pounds, in this case) and enough to last you for a couple of weeks before you register with a bank of your choice.

It is possible that the excitement of arriving as an international student can be incredibly overwhelming that you forget to carry cash as this is a common oversight, but please, don’t forget.

6] Work After Your Study
I’m sure everybody knows this already. However, this article will be incomplete without this critical information.

The UK has recently implemented a 2 year post study work visa for all international students who have completed an undergraduate or masters program.

This means that after you have completed your study program, you are eligible to work in the country for two years.

How marvelous would it be to have your post graduate degree abroad and also gain practical experience after your study? Studying in the UK has so many benefits as you have come to know , however this is the most interesting one to me.

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